Case Study: Travel Agency Website Redesign

During the last winter we were approached by a local Travel Agency about redesigning their existing web presence.

Their site has been originally designed in 2003 and had gone through several revisions and upgrades since then. However, there was no content architecture or a good content management system in place. That meant that they have to turn their site down and build it back again every time they wanted to change their visual appearance.

Since this is an interesting case that can be applied to other forms of service-oriented businesses, we would like to share with our audience our process and the lessons we learnt along the way.

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Case Study: Dentist Practice Web Design

In late March of 2013 we were visited by Dr. Jeremy Smith, DDS. He had just started his dentistry practice and needed a website that would allow him to showcase his services.

Most health related professionals tend to have similar websites: they share a  blueish or greenish hue, with images of smiling doctors or secretaries, but most of them seem unattended or filled with outdated information.

A few more unfortunate use red colors. :(

Our client wanted something different. A way to keep in touch with his growing clientele in between visits, and also channel to reach to his community.

This Case Study journals our design process for a dentist practice website design.

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Career Paths on the Web Design Industry

Do you want to make a career in the Web Design industry?

If you do, you will soon realize that the field has evolved fast and now there are many ways to get a job in the industry. From a hardcore PHP coder to a UX designer, there is a ton of skill combinations that will land you a position in the industry.

So, let’s dig in and start unraveling the mysteries of the Web industry.

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